Innovative Cleaning Solutions

Fra-Ber is specialised in car care products and manages the entire cycle of the product. The Fra-Ber production plant is equipped with all the equipment necessary for incoming material inspection, production, placing products in tanks and carrying out final quality tests. Over the years, Fra-Ber has constantly focused on quality in every stage of the production cycle, from selecting its suppliers to the final tests.

Among the products perfected over the years, Fra-Ber is proud to present Perfect Wash, a pre-wash system designed to ensure effectiveness and rapidity with a power that is twice as high as any other single-component pre-wash system.
Perfect Wash is perfectly safe on the most delicate parts of the car; it does not affect the aluminium of BMW, Mercedes and Audi cars and it sets in half the time compared to the competition products in the same category. All this whilst keeping a special eye on versatility and the environment: Perfect Wash can be used in all car wash environments and boasts a surfactant content that is twenty times lower than standard pre-wash systems. It does not contaminate water recycling, it is compatible with organic purification systems and is fully odorless; this latter feature makes it ideal to be used in closed areas, such as workshops and car dealers.

The Fra-Ber range also includes Powder Jet, a hot sprayer that can be used at high pressure with the innovative Super Liquid Powder pre-wash system; this concentrated system, which is neither powder nor liquid, allows cleaning bodywork, lorries, rims and washing away mosquitoes all in one go. This way, Powder Jet drastically reduces both consumption and workload. The Powder range includes various solutions to meet every car wash requirement.

Also among Fra-Ber patented products is Cera Brilliant Uv. This innovative product, free from any fatty chemicals, combines high lubricity and perfect drying, forming an invisible, impalpable film on the paint; this film is activated by UV rays to give the surface of the car extra shine and brightness like no other traditional waxes.

Fra-Ber family include a variety of products:

  • Car detergents
  • Motorcycle cleaners
  • Heavy Vehicle detergents
  • Boat cleaners
  • House Cleaners
  • Hobby Line
  • Fresheners
  • Powder Jets
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detergent5 detergent6 detergent7

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